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Unfortunately anyicon_100x100 was deleted, and there's an icon that I would really like made that isn't HP or PP related, and I'm wondering if by any chance that request can be made here, or if anyone knows of a place where I can get it made. Greatly appreciated!
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whats it of? i still do normal requests...i just didnt like feeling obligated to do them. plus...im more inclined to do it for u than a complete stranger.
Aww I feel speecial. hehe But I have some pictures of Mikey (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and none of them are the same size, they go from 90x98 to 75x90, etc. There's 5 total, although 1 of them I could cut out, and I'd like the last image to be a black background with "I love Mikey" in orange. (I guess I should mention that it's an animated icon that just changes pictures) So if you're willing to do that it'd be great. I have no idea how complicated it might be, so if it's too much trouble don't worry about it. But thanks!!
thats not complicated at all, unless you want me to resize them all. but other than that its fine. email or post the pictures and i can do it when i come home.

hey..i have a bueno idea! ill have anyicon open again, but it'll be friends only, and you have to submit to it. hehe.